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I designed a feature for a product  I love.


This mockup for Mixtiles is showcasing a new AI-powered feature that automatically applies filters for visual consistency in printed products. This enhancement strategically aligns with user aesthetic preferences, aiming to reduce cart abandonment by engaging users more deeply in the customization process and ensuring an authentic representation of the final product.

One step prior to the feature introduction during the user's journey, the photo selection from the smartphone gallery. This is a part of the Mixtiles app.

Once frame type is selected, a branded button appears, suggesting the user to try a styling feature. 

If the user ignores the button and moves forward, they are gently prompted to try that feature again with a slightly different branded button.

When the user decides to try the styling feature, several styles appear in a similar interface to the frame selection. 

Once picked, the user is transferred to the cart, as they would have normally.

If the user tries to abandon the cart, before/after grid appears and shows the differences and establish a dramatic visual change in cohesiveness.

The goal of this feature is to cultivate a positive emotional connection with users in their short journey from initial interaction to payment. The aim to make these brief interactions engaging and fulfilling, thereby enhancing user commitment and satisfaction

The critical success metric for this feature is tracking a consistent decrease in cart abandonment, directly linked to an increase in users who utilize the styled photos. This metric will be the primary KPI, indicating the feature's effectiveness in enhancing user experience and contributing to successful conversions

The non-goal for this feature is to prevent it from becoming a repetitive process where users constantly compare results or oscillate between options. Such patterns can lead to decision fatigue and increase the risk of users abandoning their carts before completing a purchase.

Tom Azaria ©️ 2024

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