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Automations & integrations for businesses - like a full-time employee for a fraction of the cost


2017, Cambrils, Spain  |  41.099335N, 1.009159E  |  35mm, Kodak Gold

Joel's company writes many reports

50 reports per day, with each taking about 5 minutes. This amounts to an annual expense of $9,059 in salary, just for report writing.

I collaborated with Joel to analyze and improve the reporting process. We discovered that these reports were initially drafted in the field using smartphone notes, and then laboriously transcribed into a final report format.

Realizing that the key issue was this repetitive and manual transcription, we set out to find a solution. I developed a user-friendly, mobile-first interface specifically designed for field reporting. This new system enables reporters to effortlessly input and submit their data, effectively eliminating the need for duplicative work. The final report is automatically generated from this data and then distributed to various stakeholders, in accordance with the company's needs.

By adopting this automated approach, we managed to save 4 minutes on each report. This translates to an annual savings of $7,247, cutting down our report-related costs by 80%.


Custom made process to solve foundational problems for specific tasks




Letting apps speak with each other, no human needed.

We formulate manual repetitive tasks, and let computers complete them for you.



What is Plaster?

I can help you save money, and grey hair

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