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Akalpit offers a unique, comprehensive toolset for managing election campaigns, ideal for municipal election candidates. It provides insights into key areas like voter status, budget, staffing, marketing, and communication. The platform also includes a mobile app for real-time voter list tracking, streamlining campaign management effectively, and one-of-a-kind voter contact information collection tool.



live information mockup Akalpit mobile view
New lead mockup Akalpit mobile view

PostPro was a specialized desktop application, crafted to cater to event photographers' unique needs by automating and enhancing the image editing process. It integrated advanced AI technology to efficiently sort and filter images, drastically reducing the manual workload in this crucial workflow phase. In 2023, PostPro concluded its operations.

Co-founder & Product Lead


Parket Story innovates in illustrated stories by crafting content that captivate both parents and children, aiming to educate both with new topics weekly. Delivered through a mobile platform for consistent engagement, Parket also smartly gauges story popularity. This data-driven approach informs our decisions on which stories to further develop, ensuring we provide content that resonates with our audience.

Co-Founder, Web Designer, Illustrator


Shir's portfolio, which artfully merges academic research in text and visuals, is designed to give equal prominence to both elements. The layout is responsive and showcases clean lines and sharp edges, coupled with well-balanced spacing across all breakpoints, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate on any device. This careful design ensures that the portfolio effectively communicates Shir's expertise and creative approach.

Web Designer


Lighting IL

Developed for Lighting IL, a mobile-responsive reporting system, enabling managers to input and calculate scores for key operational areas. This system, built with no-code and low-code tools, aligns with the clients' existing Excel report format and efficiently generates over 600 monthly reports for top-level management, ensuring accuracy and zero downtime.



This Mixtiles concept feature aims to reduce cart abandonment by creating positive friction and adding an emotional engagement level to the user journey, enhancing the customization experience.



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