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For ambitious individuals seeking expert foundational support in their entrepreneurial journey.

The Service

2017, Cambrils, Spain  |  41.099335N, 1.009159E  |  35mm, Kodak Gold

Or's Story

Or dreamed of teaching people to knit, but she had been working in tech for six years. Two months ago, Or decided to turn knitting into a profitable venture, but she couldn't find the time to handle the setup, administration, and surly not learn how to process credit card payments.

Or approached me, and while she was filming her knitting course, I - connected her with an accountant and an invoice service, purchased a domain, built and designed a website, prepared 30 social media items, opened a free account and set up five boards for managing income and expenses, product performance, clients, advertising, and content. We worked together on the visual language and value proposition, learned how to shoot a selling video, drew out a roadmap for the future, and learned to use the toolkit I assembled for her business.

Just two weeks into the process, Or's business already started generating revenue.

Optimize as we move

We'll release your product or service to the world and make adjustments using data.



Assemble a toolset

There are many tools to manage a business, we'll pick what's right for you while looking ahead.

We'll make a plan, formulate the proposition and not waste a minute.

First we meet, then run


What is The Service?

Not Sales nor Marketing.

Every person needs to know their strengths, but also their weaknesses.

If you are looking for an excellent sales or marketing person, let me know, I'm happy to make the connection.

I want to hear your story and help you have an easier start

Tom Azaria © 2024

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