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Born in September, Shir's husband and Leyli's father. Occasionally take photography gigs and draw on iPad.


Hi! I'm Tom, a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Israel. I usually bring my own ideas to life, but I also enjoy collaborating on projects that are intriguing, challenging, and hold real value for users.

My journey in this field has been diverse and fulfilling. PostPro, a project close to my heart, was a three-year endeavor inspired by my experiences as a photographer. Akalpit, a six-month project, was developed for a client to address a specific gap in their market offering. Currently, I'm working on Parket Story, a project driven by the evident need for fresh, relevant stories for families with young children. Upon its launch, we quickly gained a community of over 250 families through word-of-mouth, and we're now navigating the challenges of consistent content creation and developing a monetization strategy.

Designing portfolio websites is another facet of my work that I thoroughly enjoy. It's not just about creating a website; it's about capturing an individual's essence and translating their ideas into a visual narrative that best represents them.

My strength lies in personal interactions – working closely with individuals or teams. I excel in listening, understanding, and translating my clients' needs into actionable plans that truly resonate with their vision and goals. This approach ensures that every project I undertake not only meets but exceeds expectations.


Tom Azaria Portrait Photo Black and White
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