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Helping Candidates and their HQ Managers Win Municipal Elections


This document explores the design philosophy and decision-making behind Akalpit's features, demonstrating how strategic research and user needs informed its development, considering user workflows and third-party interactions with the platform's various channels.

Unique System Requirements

  • Acquire contact numbers and correspondingly integrate them with electoral rosters.

  • Develop application software to facilitate ballot observers to acquire instantaneous information related to the voting process.

  • Initiate recruitment procedures for personnel and field operatives leveraging non-contact methodologies.

  • Construct an operational model for a call center, incorporating constraints on authorization, fiscal allocation, and accessibility parameters.

  • Administer financial operations in strict accordance with the directives of state comptrollers.

  • Oversee headquarters and field operations by utilizing minimal intervention strategies.

  • Implement text messaging integration across diverse communication channels, encompassing internal, covert, and formal modalities.

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