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Reducing time spent in post production for professional photographers


PostPro’s technology aimed to replace two main activities

Outsourced Editing

In this traditional model, photographers send their raw images, often numbering in the thousands, to a professional service that selects the best shots and performs editing tasks such as color correction. While thorough, this service can be costly and time-consuming and doesn't give photographers much control over the final output. PostPro was designed to remedy these pain points.

Manual Labor

Photographers spend about two to three hours editing photos for every hour spent taking them. This labor-intensive task limits the ability of freelance photographers to scale their business or take on additional work. PostPro sought to reduce this inefficiency drastically.

Design Objective

Key features include

PostPro was conceived as a kind of "transparent assistant" designed to automate and accelerate these cumbersome processes. The application's design objective was to replicate the intuitive interaction between a customer and their service provider, facilitating seamless instruction delivery and file exchange.

Docked (tray) View: To provide real-time status updates on progress.

Multi-source Image Selection: Enables users to select image files from multiple sources.

Standard Filters and Labels: Allows application of standard filters and labels such as star ratings, flags, and color tags for efficient image organization and familiarization.

One-click Workflow Transfer: This enables users to transfer their work to their favorite applications for fine-tuning with just a single click.

The target audience for PostPro was professional event photographers who require a more efficient and cheaper method for managing their photo editing workflows. The application was designed to support Windows and macOS systems, ensuring wide accessibility for its user base.

It was imperative to ensure the application's interface and functionalities were tailored to this user group's unique needs and preferences, promoting usability, efficiency, and a lighter overall user experience.

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